Different Types of Custom Patches

Custom-PatchesIn general, patches are used to cover a hole in any type of clothing. Several colored patches are also sewn onto clothes and accessories to make them more attractive. This is a simple yet creative craft that can be one of your habits. Many people today consider themselves as hobbyists. These people find pleasure in creating and designing their own custom patches. One can make a custom patch in a span of 30 minutes.

If you are planning to make or buy custom patches, here are the types of patches you can choose from:

1.Embroidered Patch

This type of patch is the most commonly known type, as it can be seen on uniforms, jackets, hats and many more. With twill as its base, the outline is stitched with the use of colorful threads. This type includes three categories – 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery. These percentages pertain to the amount of space that the thread covers while their remainders refer to the amount of visible twill. The three categories differ in texture and price. Obviously, 100% embroidery is more expensive than the other categories because it consumes more thread.

2.Woven Patch

Woven patches are more preferable than embroidered patches because they are comprised of thinner threads. Instead of stitching the thread onto a clothing, thin threads are woven altogether. This type of patch is highly recommended for designs that have intricate details. In this case, the twill base is not needed anymore. Since this is not embroidered, its texture is smooth and it does not have any raised outline. Woven custom patches are made in order to attain a quite realistic item.

3.Printed Patch

From the name itself, this patch is comprised of an imprint showing the design, text or image. The design is applied onto a twill fabric. The ink is applied onto the twill to create the design through the dye sublimation process. Thus, printed custom patches can support a multi-colored design. Such patches may either be washed or dry-cleaned. Some manufacturers offer fade-proof printed patches. Like woven patches, they offer a realistic output of the design.

4.Name Patch

This type of patch is commonly seen on uniforms, work shirts and other stuff showing the name of a company or organization. Name patches are comprised of at least one or three thread colors, making them less expensive than other types. These patches are often sold in bulk orders. You can either ask the manufacturer to imprint or embroider the design onto the fabric.

5.Blank Patch

This patch is often ordered for work shirts, projects, motorcycle groups, and uniforms. Some students have a project that requires them to do do-it-yourself patches. In this case, they need to buy a blank patch and decorate it with few embellishments. Companies often order blank patches in bulk.

6.Bullion Crest

This type of patch is made by creative artisans. Even if this is somewhat similar to an embroidered patch, it is more durable and thicker than the embroidered ones. This is due to additional embellishments like felt, metallic threads, velvet, wire and beads. Bullion crests are mainly utilized by military groups, elite clubs, fraternal organizations and other groups. This is more expensive than the other types mainly because it is hand-made. If you are not meeting a deadline, buying or making bullion crests is a good idea.

7.Chenille Patch

This patch is also called Letterman patch. This is commonly made for varsity jackets, awards, and sweaters. The common style of chenille patch includes two layers – a furry top and a felt base. If you want a patch with an irregular shape, this is the best option to make or buy. Although this is not applicable for intricate designs, they can offer a good finish.